This page features several gift options:

Les Seamster, artist in Branson, MO sells prints with the words of the poem featured inside a cross surrounded by dogwood blossoms. His website is

High-quality bookmarks, featuring the photography of Maren Misner on one side on the bookmark, and selected verses of the poem, “When I say I am a Christian,” on the other. Maren chose to use natural images of nature to compliment the humbleness of the poem. Images below show the front and back of the bookmarks. The bookmarks are available at “The Tin Owl” on Etsy. Click on the following links for purchasing information.

Dewdrop Raffia

Lone Wheat

Nature's Ribbon Bookmark

Wheat Stalk Bookmark


Bookmarks in Bulk

The following bookmarks are 2 x 6 with 7 verses of the poem. Shipped within the United States in quantities of 25 for $13.02. This fee covers the cost of the bookmarks at $0.30 each, the mailer, postage, and tax. The bookmarks are not being sold for profit. Shipped directly from the author.



The Open Door Gift Set

The “Open Door Gift Set” featured below includes an 8 x 10 print, signed by the author, and one Bible marker. The set can be shipped within the United States for $4.99. This fee covers the cost of the print, bookmark, mailer, postage, and tax. The gift set is not being sold for profit. Shipped directly from the author.


Single Prints

The following images are also available, signed by the author and shipped within the United States for $4.99. This fee covers the cost of the print, mailer, postage, and tax. The prints are not being sold for profit.

Print Design

Fishing Boat Print

Typewriter Print

3. Typewriter Print

Lighthouse Print

2. Lighthouse PrintForest Path Print

5. Forest Path PrintCross and Lily Print

4. Cross and Lily Print