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Ms. Wimmer lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband of 51 years. They have two grown children and three grandchildren who also live in the Tulsa area. Before retiring Ms. Wimmer served in the music ministry for 22 years during which time she wrote and produced many original songs and theatrical scripts. Her journey in ministry led to independent biblical research beginning in 1996. She has since presented academic papers within the Society of Biblical Literature. Ms. Wimmer is currently authoring three books on the subjects of Time, Language, and Organization. Her books will challenge Christians to embrace a new perspective of time, a spiritual language of diplomacy, and an egalitarian structure for organized ministry. Her works will promote a radical change of heart in these three areas of human thought and action.

THE CLOCK – A Timekeeping Tool for the Church of Tomorrow

ONCE UPON UNMEASURED TIME – The Story Behind the Story of Creation
(A Children’s Companion to THE CLOCK book, Ages 10-12)

THE KEY – A Common Language for the Human Spirit  (Forthcoming)

THE NET – An Organizational Vision for the Church of Tomorrow

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